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PAAW House Ambassador, football fan and super cool Frenchie.


Overview: A 3 year old French Bulldog who absolutely loves running and chasing balls outside of the house and being a big cuddle monster once back inside. He dislikes attention from squealing women, however. I guess that's what you get for being a cutie though. Pie loves days out at Fischer FC, a non-league football team in London that welcomes dogs to watch matches. Although they play down in the ninth level of the football leagues, they usually have a few hundred people (and a few dogs) at their games. PAAW House recently sponsored Fisher FC's ‘non league dogs day’, which welcomed lots of dogs to the game, they all got their photo taken with the players after the match!

PAAW House Loves:

How Pie was an integral part of his humans' wedding, having the very important job of ring bearer. Great job Pie.

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