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Jade Statt

Co-Founder of StreetVet & the StreetVet Accredited Hostel Scheme

StreetVet animal charity helping the homeless and their pets.
Jade Statt co-founder of @streetvetuk_

Bio: Jade founded StreetVet after a chance encounter with a homeless man and his dog back in 2016. StreetVet outreach regularly on the streets in multiple locations across the UK offering free accessible vet care. Anything that can be done in a veterinary consulting room, StreetVet can do on the streets; prescribe medications, vaccinate, microchip, take blood, test urine but sometimes the most valuable service we can offer is just to be there and listen. Most recently, they were awarded funding to put into action a very exciting project aimed at helping our clients to access hostels. Only 10% of hostels in the UK are pet friendly and so currently owners are being expected to choose between a hostel room or their pet. StreetVet aim to help keep their clients and their pets together wherever possible and so we have launched the StreetVet Accredited Hostel Scheme to try and give hostels as much support as possible to start saying yes to pets.

PAAW House Loves:

A charity that supports the homeless and their dogs, championing the power of the human animal bond, what's not to love!

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