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PetsNet by PAAW House

Welcome to PetsNet; take two. A curated community driven guide to pet friendly London, together with all the positive people, businesses, and brands who inspire us, and believe that Pets Are Always Welcome.

@pomskycasperj checking out the Doggy Afternoon Tea menu at Egerton Hotel.

The Journey

The PAAW House journey continues to excite us and present endless opportunities to learn from our community and grow together. We’ve encountered success and failure; we’ve made mistakes, but mostly we’ve had lots of fun on route. The original idea for our PetsNet forum didn't work out, it was ambitious but just wasn't quite 'us'. The concept hasn't changed dramatically, PetsNet is still a community space, but it's now powered by our shared positive experiences. We hope you will join us in sharing your experiences and spreading the love.

Our friend Dino enjoying some beach time.

How it works

Our aim is not to create another directory, but rather a space to share the places and people we know and love. You won’t find 'every' place that pets are welcome here, you will find a selection of our favourites, as well as those recommended by our friends and ambassadors. Together, with your participation we will grow organically, as we all share the best of the best.

Our starting point presents an introduction to the places, people and brands the PAAW House team know and admire. We hope that you will join us in sharing your favourite places and spaces in your local areas and beyond as well as the people and brands that make you smile.

Over to you

We want to hear all your top spots, places that have given you a warm welcome, together with the people and brands that inspire you.

You are welcome to join our scout team, share your favourite places with us and feature on our website, with a link to your Instagram page. Alternatively, if you are the private type but would still like to share the love, you can email us at We will feature your recommendations and thank you privately.

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